Disaster Logistics Board Founder on EM Weekly Podcast

Overall, the typical message of send money, not supplies, just isn’t going to work. it hasn’t worked. It’s not that we should stop that message, we should continue that message, but we really need to work on mitigating and managing the second disaster through technology.
— Brian Sims, Founder, Disaster Logistics Board

Todd DeVoe: Hi, welcome to EM Weekly, your emergency management podcast. And this is your host, Todd DeVoe. You know, they say that, troops don’t move without food. Well, same thing with emergency management. The world doesn’t move unless we have logistics. And this week we’re talking to Brian Sims about disaster logistics and an organization that he has founded based upon the disaster logistics. And logistics is one of those key principles that we really need to understand in the field of emergency management. And I think that if we take a look at programs like what Brian has started, we’re going to be well, we’ll be better off.