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This is the main viewer for the current operation. You will find PODs, NGO locations, traffic alerts and more, in the disaster with their scope of operations/contact information, and an overview of supply levels in the area of operations. Instructions on how to use this dashboard to view different types of data are on the OPSDASH itself.

PODs - Survey for Citizen Demographics

This is the most vital survey form in the CSL Platform. This data helps everyone involved in Response and Recovery to obtain a more accurate snapshot of the needs of the affected population.

The form can also be customized, branded for your organization and loaded into the SURVEY 123 App, and the data can be collected offline (when there’s no cell or WiFi connections available). This feature is for registered CSL Organizations only.

CLICK HERE to learn how to install the SURVEY 123 app and load the form.

LOGISTICS - Digital Bill of Lading

This form is a Digital BOL that creates an authorized record that can be used to obtain grants, additional assistance while your team is deployed, and prove and support the amazing work your team is doing in the field.

LOGISTICS - Inventory Intake Snapshot

This form is for you to take a quick snapshot (by pallet) of the supplies you have on hand, or that you are receiving in the moment.