The Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) seeks to solve “The Second Disaster” (spontaneous volunteers and donations) utilizing off the shelf technology in innovative ways, and providing industry standard tools, technology and techniques to organizations via strategic partnerships and boots-on-ground support.

The IMAT provides All-Hazards experience with the secure collection and distribution of Geospatial Intelligence, Mapping, and Logistics/Donation Management (VDCT), in compliance with DHS data policies and ICS/NIMS. They are strategically aligned with the Esri ArcGIS Public Safety Division and Disaster Response Team, FL SERT, Volunteer Florida, Florida VOAD, Focused Mission, PanoSkin and Boxstorm.

imat structure.PNG

IMAT Core Competencies:

Data Collection at PODs, Disaster Mapping (UAS), Disaster Mapping (Street Level Photgraphy), Incident Management Assistance, GEOINT and BOG Support for VDCTs, All Hazards Trained, Cross Trained in Chief level positions (ops, logs, planning, comms), VR/AR capabilities for mitigation planning and training, response, and recovery, Logistics support, Communications systems assistance.


ellen “LN”, logistics chief, Public information officer


LN "Logs is easy" Lurie has made logistics look simple for a long time. After being caught (and helping) with Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, LN joined various organizations in attempts to learn as much as possible. From language use to standard operating procedures, LN has managed to quickly train and organize the chaos that surrounds her during disasters with any eager volunteer. Her passion has steered her to focus more on supply chain and logistics where she happily spends most of her time. 

When she's not fighting disasters, LN reads adventure stories of world travelers while sipping home-brewed coffee with her adorable kitten purring away on her lap.


henry, deputy chief - logistics, training officer

Marine Corps Veteran

Always up for the challenge, Henry headed to Marine Corps bootcamp two days after high school graduation.  He has held various positions in the Marine Corps to include training and logistics.  While deployed to Iraq, Henry quickly learned the impact of an efficient logistics operation.  It also taught him the importance of understanding the local culture and adapting to the environment.

Henry now lives in Central Florida where he works for a defense contractor in the simulations and training industry.  He has been fascinated by training systems simulators and their effectiveness for some time and interested in applying his skills and knowledge in the Emergency Management field.  


bryan, planning CHIEf, physical security officer

US Army Veteran

Born and raised in Peru, Bryan is fluent in English and Spanish. He came to live in the United States in 2002, pursuing his education in Florida. Bryan joined the Army in 2010 and spent a year deployed to Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. After separating from the Army in 2013, Bryan returned to Florida to continue the pursuit of his education and begin his professional development. In the years since, he has completed an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master's degree in both Homeland Security and Emergency and Disaster Management while rising in the private sector to his current position in security management.

Having been exposed first hand to winter storms during his time stationed in Ft. Drum, New York, many hurricanes during his time in Florida, and El Niño while being raised in Peru, Bryan has had first hand experience with natural disasters and their aftermath. He continues to pursue his passion for mitigation and disaster planning and serving communities affected by all types of disaster and major incidents around the world and at home in his own community.


NATALIE, lmhc, admin/FINANCE CHIEF, wellness officer

A daughter of a Retired Air Force Colonel, Natalie spent 17 years volunteering in the Miami-Dade School system in various capacities, always with the goal of improving children’s lives. One of Natalie’s passions has always been as a supporter of children in the foster care system. She was a panel member and chairperson for Foster Care Review for several years, and it was here she became convinced that it was the right decision to leave her business career as a Professional Bookkeeper and Small Business Advisor behind and become a child advocate full-time. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, Natalie spent three years working for agencies in Broward County providing counseling for children with an emphasis on treating trauma. Her belief is that being able to help a child is life’s greatest gift.



US Army Veteran

Brian left the US Army Infantry in 2010, after previously working as an Intelligence Contractor, and began studying Social Work. In that time, he began volunteering for Team Rubicon, where he found a new mission, and served as a PIO and Communications Manager for the State of Florida, Program Operations Manager for the State of Hawaii, and was the Region IV Deputy Director of Program Operations. In that time he also studied Emergency Management at Barry University, furthering his professional education within the industry.

Brian also has extensive experience within the DHS and FEMA’s ICS/NIMS/GISP training courses and professional certification structure. He has deployed in multiple roles with various volunteer-based organizations active in disasters, including, most recently, as an Incident Commander for a Regional LSA during the Hurricane Michael response.


SAMUEL “SAM”, deputy chief - planning, SAFETY OFFICER

US Navy Veteran

Bio coming soon.